365-12 HoT – Sweet or Sour

Sweet or Sour?


The theme/prompt for THIS week, January 12, is:

HEADS – “Sweet” or
TAILS – “Sour”

Sweet and Sour — They get along well with each other. So well, in fact, they decided to get their picture taken together

Surfacing from the land of Potty Training to post this. We decided to start training our two year old a couple of days ago. I’ve been putting him on the potty in the morning when he wakes up and after he goes potty we put on underwear for a couple of hours. Fifteen minutes after his morning milk it’s back on the potty to see if he will poop on it. So far, he’s been waiting till he gets his diaper two hours later…

The first day it was so funny. He kept saying, ” I want my diapie. I don’t want underwear.” He was so relieved when he got his diaper! Today, he keeps telliing me he went pee pee in his diaper and I keep telling him, he needs to tell me before so he can pee in his potty…


8 thoughts on “365-12 HoT – Sweet or Sour”

  1. Love the fruit buddies.

    Good luck with the potty training. A friend once said that her children became trained until she put them in underwear all the time. I think there’s some truth to that, but it creates a lot of laundry in the process.

  2. The fruit buddies are too cute. My daughter seemed to have a tough time with potty training and there were lots of accidents for a long time afterwards, then suddenly one day they just stopped. I can tell you we all appreciate the decrease in daily laundry.

  3. Cute sweet and sour. I’m in the process of starting to work with my two year old on the potty also. So far so bad. 😦 She just made two in October and I’m just not sure she is aware of everything yet.

  4. Your fruit scene is so cute!! Very fun. All the best with potty training. My oldest son did okay, but my youngest . . . well, it’s amazing I had hair left.

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