365-19 HoT Pack

365-19 Leader of the Pack


The theme/prompt for THIS week, January 19, is:


I had to think about this. There were several directions I could have gone with. Things that leapt up at me were the phrases “Leader of the Pack”, “Pack of Lies” “Pack of cards” and “Pack mates”. Other ideas I considered – picture of a packed suitcase, picture of packaging materials, or a picture of blister pack… So, the idea I finally settled on was “Leader of the Pack” and this is what I came up with….


7 thoughts on “365-19 HoT Pack”

  1. Pretty good thinking you did! Mr. Skittles is 52 years old and he still has his collection of cars from when he was young. =)

    Mr. Linky has gone away for some reason. Can you go back and link to your post in case it doesn’t come back?

  2. Great idea for the meme Pack. Yes, Saudis eat cats. I guess it is all what you are used to. My sister in-law is from Thailand where turkeys roam free. She cannot stand to eat turkey.

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