365-26 HoT – Call

365-26 Call Me?


The theme/prompt for THIS week, January 26, is:


It’s really funny that this week’s topic is CALL… I’ve been on the phone a little too much these past few days and still have a couple of calls to make for the week… Had to call the doctor for an appointment for my second son. He was complaining of a bad ear ache last night and slept poorly. I also had to call the school to let them know he would not be in school today. I, then, called my doctor to schedule my first annual check up. Usually have been getting all my annual checks at my pregnancy visits and post pregnancy visits. This is my first “well check” not related to pregnancy. Usual call from DH in the morning to speak to the kids as he leaves before they wake up in the morning. Still have to call an uncle who lost his brother recently and call my sister as well. I also have one more doctor call to make. Have to call the dentist to schedule an appointment for my oldest.


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