365-32 My Oldest

365-32 Alex portrait

This is my oldest child. He is 8 years old going on 18. He loves car and right now his ambition is to be a “car designer”… Other ambitions have included a priest and a police man. One thing he is sure of.. He does not want to get married because then “you have to kiss girls”. His reading and math levels are 5th grade and he really enjoys science as well. He is also pretty athletic – a good runner and things like martial arts come easy to him. I tend to worry that because of this, he will not learn to appreciate having to work at things or people who do have to just to achieve the simple things he takes for granted.


6 thoughts on “365-32 My Oldest”

  1. Cute little fella!!! I cracked up at his reason for not wanting to get married. Oh how that will change in years to come!! 🙂 He is doing fabulous with his reading!

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