365-34 Sepia Scenes – Romance

365-34 Sepia Scenes Romance

I did this in Photoshop. Duplicate layer in original image (I always work with copies) and convert the duplicate layer to monochrome with desaturate. Then I add a Hue & Saturation Adjustment Layer and colorize that. Adjust the hue, saturation and lightness to desired range. The create a clipping mask from this layer and erase the desired colors from the mask… hope that makes sense.

Nothing says “young romance” like flowers, a cute cuddly and a great book…. If I had added a bauble and chocolate, it would be all the cliche Valentine imagery in one, huh? 🙂


16 thoughts on “365-34 Sepia Scenes – Romance”

  1. Sepia is the perfect tone for a bear: subtle, unthreatening and soft. He has his arms opened as he, too, always needs a hug. The Valentine red says love and hugs. A fine pair, but who will hug the flower?

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