365-41 Sepia Scenes – Another Snow Storm





Another 10-20 inches today on top of the 30 inches we had Friday/Saturday. It’s been snowing since yesterday evening and is expected to end this evening…. This is getting a little old now! I think the grittiness comes from the fact this shot of my back yard was taken through a window.


15 thoughts on “365-41 Sepia Scenes – Another Snow Storm”

  1. The color view is almost monochromatic, the gray of the sky toning down everything on the ground, a dark look. The warmth of the sepia seems to make the snowy weather more hospitable, less dark, a little bit nicer. We missed the snow last weekend, but it is snowing in Connecticut now and the weather people say up to 20 inches. At least it looks nice outside as we stay warm behind double paned glass…

  2. I am impressed by how different the mood is of these otherwise identical pictures. I prefer the sepia and especially like the grainy quality you used to enhance the feeling of age.

  3. I love this! Nice shot!
    When I think of sepia I think of older shots taken many years ago. The grainy quality of your shot adds age like an old wrinkled photo from an album of long ago. If you just took away the technology from the roof we wouldn’t know that it wasn’t old. 🙂

  4. Oh, it does look better in sepia, all that snow! It is still snowing here. I should take my photos from this morning off my camera – I can’t remember what I photographed.

  5. but that grittiness adds to the shot – sets a mood! & the 2nd one is cool, too! Great work

    I’m so sorry about all the snow you guys are being pounded with – stay warm & be careful!!!

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