L2L Assignment 2 – Imagination


l2l challenge

I am not really happy with this, in terms of ideas, photography or editing but I’ve not been able to come up with something better either. Oh well, You win some , you lose some…


15 thoughts on “L2L Assignment 2 – Imagination”

  1. Of course the toys are colorful, to get our attention for playtime now. However, the books are a bit more serious, so the sepia allows them to look important. At some point, we all need to put the toys down an get to our studies. Work vs. play is always a choice. Nice post!

    1. John ,

      The assignment was to take a picture interpreting and using the phrase ” Imagination is more important than knowledge.” The books in the background represent knowledge and the legos represent imagination since they can take the form of anything a child wants… I chose to color the legos to make them more important. I know I did not do very well… the idea was okay, but the layout was not…

      1. Hmmmm. How about right brain intuition is more important than left brain logic? Actually they’re equally important, but our society tends to be left brained to the extreme. Einstein “discovered” his theories while imagining himself riding a light wave. How illogical is that? Hah!

        Knowledge (aka logical info in sequence) vs. (or supplemented with) the instant gestalt of an image? Hint: Try sitting quietly with a pad and pen or pencil and cluster whatever pops into your head. Let your dragon come out and play. See what she suggests you do.

  2. Hi Amanda! So nice stopping by for a visit! I have really enjoyed perusing your posts and seeing your many great shots! Thank you for visiting my place and leaving your comment!

    Kindly, ldh

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