Seven Quick Takes Friday I


  1. First week of Lent has gone well so far. We’ve added a small Lenten meditation and reading before we start family Rosary. I had already started this year out with resolutions to read the Bible everyday, and an hour’s Eucharistic Adoration on Saturday mornings followed by mass. So, I have not added anything else prayer-wise for Lent.
  2. Today is pizza night. This is the second time I am making pizza from scratch. Just finished baking the pizza base. Just have to add the pizza sauce, cheese & toppings (mushrooms, onions & peppers) later and bake for a few! Another recipe I added to my meatless repertoire is the Baked Shrimp Scampi by Paula Deane. I do substitute Smart Balance for the butter.
  3. Son#1 has been tagged for Gifted and Talented testing. Truth be told, I don’t know whether I want him to get in or not. As it is, he has a lot to deal with SOLs. I already know he is academically advanced. He reads at 5th grade level and his math skills are at 5th grade level too. He also does Taekwondo thrice a week and in Spring he will play soccer. I do not know what the Gifted and Talented Program will entail and I don’t want to burden the child with too many things.
  4. Son #2 is picking up reading pretty steadily now. He is actually wanting to read on his own now which is a good thing.He is still, however, very often transposing his numbers and letters when writing. I have no idea how to help him overcome this.
  5. Son #4  is almost toilet trained! He’s only wearing diapers at night now. During the day he’s in underwear. We skipped the training pants stage.
  6. We will be attending Black Belt Testing at Son #1’s Taekwondo school. It will be a pretty big event since they will be having around 8-10 kids testing for their Black Belts. I think it will be a learning and fun experience for the kids.
  7. I will be taking the next two weeks of CCD at church for the 5th graders. I usually teach alternate weeks, but the lady I alternate with has business trips planned the next two weeks. Teaching the fifth graders has really surprised me. Most of them do not know basic prayers and have never even heard of most Bible stories even the popular ones.  My 8 year old has read a Childrens Bible and is now reading a few verses from the New Testament aloud at Rosary time.

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