365-62* Sepia Lucky

Sepia Scenes
Sepia Scenes



lucky sepia



All dark and mysterious!

The book is the first from Lemony Snicket’s book series “A Series of Unfortunate Events”   and is called “A Very Bad Beginning”. My 8 year old is on book 7 in the series now.

I think the original has a little sepia toning without any changes. I took the picture in the early morning and used our overhead lights for lighting. What do you think?

The second one, I changed the image to grayscale (Mode – GRAYSCALE) and then used Duotone (MODE-DUOTONE) to add the sepia tone. Remember to change it back to RGB.

For the third one I started with the Sepia and then after a levels adjustment, and a few other adjustments, added a vignette layer. Too dark, maybe?


12 thoughts on “365-62* Sepia Lucky”

  1. The sepia gives a nice aged look to the page, as if it was written on parchment in the past. The toned down sepia paper is easier on the eyes than the usual white, and we can read more pages and more comfortably, too!

  2. My nephew read those books when he was younger.
    I like the dark and mysterious one the best. The edge of the dice is more prominent to me in this one.
    Clever shot!

  3. Interesting series you’ve shared. I’ve been experimenting with sepia.

    I like the last one (I also liked the book). Vignette is a fun application to use.

  4. Lemony Snicket, ay? I read the first page of the first book to my daughter, and she said why would I want to read a book if it doesn’t have a happy ending? I guess I won’t be sharing the “joy” of the Baudelaires with her. Love all the experimenting with the dice. I like how it sits near the word – lucky.

  5. Contrast! The third one works well. It’s the only one that does. Contrast, contrast, contrast — crucial for monochrome images. I do like the composition and no the third shot is not too dark. In Fact, it could use a bit more highlight contrast.

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