Quick Takes Friday II


This past week has been a battle of wills between our youngest and me. Every morning he’s been coming down and asking for candy for breakfast instead of milk. He will go to the pantry and tell me he’s hungry. Asking him if he wants milk results in a resounding “NO! I want candy!” Telling him we don’t eat candy for breakfast results in a cry fest and mini tantrum… So far I’ve been able to outlast him and he’s had his milk after crying for 5 minutes or so…. That’s why I don’t like candy fests like Valentines Day and Halloween!

A conversation between the middle two kids this week had them asking me what you would call a bat in Chinese. I, not being from China, do not speak Mandarin. On communicating this to said children, the older one says to his younger brother, ” Let’s ask Alexander. He knows a lot of Chinese words. Mom didn’t go to preschool or kindergarten. She just went to college.” Alexander is the oldest and in third grade. Apparently they learn a lot more there than in college.

This week I also started something new for the kids – chores. I don’t know why but I feel guilty assigning chores to my children… It’s like I am trying to get out of doing the work by making them do it. But truth be, I am overburdened with housework. And to make matters worse, I am doing the same things again and again, like picking up toys, cleaning the family room, picking up their clothes and shoes, cleaning up after their meals so that I do not get to tackle other things like cleaning the Master Bedroom which needs major cleaning! So starting this weekend the older two have one daily chore – After their meals one cleans the island where they eat and the other sweeps the floor under their chairs.

The oldest also worked on an extra writing assignment this week. He took it in yesterday. This weekend we will do a science project, photograph it and write a report. That will be week 2’s project. Let’s see how it goes.

My youngest is always asking me to draw things for him and I am NOT an artist. His favorite right now are fish and crocodiles. I came across this interesting site which teaches you basic line drawing. Even a non artistic person like me can do passable cartoony animals now. (Is that a valid sentence even?)


What’s with movies completely mangling books when the are converted over from book to script?! Last week I took advantage of the community library and got a couple of DVDs for the kids to watch. One was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the other was Lemony Sniket’s – A Series of Unfortunate Events. Since, my oldest is reading the series and is halfway through I thought it might be fun to watch… But they completely mangled the movie to me…. They included three books of the series in the one movie but the sequence of events don’t match up to the books at all. They, also, have a few extra sequence and don’t include quite a few of those that are in the books. BAH!

One project I want to tackle this coming week is a display for the Stations of the Cross. We’ve been saying them on Fridays but we didn’t have pictures. May be I’ll get something up this week.


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