365-67 Spring comes softly

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The first is my second son at the skate park.

The next is a picture of the first flowers for 2010 in my garden. As you can see the tulips and crocus are also coming in! I think we’re finally in the clear and spring is arriving!!!

The weekend was beautiful and we were constantly on the move. The kids rode their bikes and our four year old started his transition from tricycle to a two wheeler. Our first was the only one to use training wheels. Since then, we’ve decided they only impede a child’s sense of balance and moved the other two directly to a bicycle without training wheels. They pick it up relatively fast and are so proud of themselves when they do!

So, we skip the training pants stage (we move from diapers to underpants) and the training wheels stage! 😉


13 thoughts on “365-67 Spring comes softly”

  1. I like the purple flowers. A good way to improve your flower photos is to use a lower angle with a darker background so they stand out better.

  2. Oh, I love the iris in the middle picture – such a stunning colour! And your son looks very sweet – a bright and happy young man!

    Interesting about the training wheels. We could have skipped that stage with our second son, but our first was not one of mankind’s natural balancers. No good on roller skates, and very limited on any kind of wheels at all, he needed his training wheels or he’d never have learned to ride at all. He was one of those who wobble round the garden screaming ‘Aaaaaaaah! Aaaah! Aaaaah!’ LOL!

    Now he rides a motorbike – but half the balancing is done for you on those things!

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