365-73 Rain drops




Looking at the dark gray sky
Watching raindrops on my window pane
Saw the bluebirds come flying by
Will they find a home in the rain?

It’s been a cool, rain drenched weekend. We’ve not stepped out to play. I love that it’s gotten warmer but can we also get a few more days to play outside?


12 thoughts on “365-73 Rain drops”

  1. I guess the good thing about rain is that the plants need it and the good thing for people is we do not have to shovel it. A little Canadian humour. Valerie

  2. We have had nothing but rain for three straight days. The only good thing is that all the pants are starting to wake up. Theya re loving it. I can’t wait to see what comes up. You shots are so calming, makes me want to go take a nap. Thinnk I jsut might.

  3. Neat shots. That first one looks like Styrofoam. What kind of camera do you have? Used 50mm lenses are usually pretty cheap especially if you can use a manual focus lens. Auto focus is a nuisance for macro photography in any case.

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