365-78 Bebinca

365-77 bebinca

This is Bebinca, a traditional Goan sweet made from coconut milk, sugar, egg yolks, butter and all purpose flour. The dish is traditionally made in layers. You add a spoonful of the batter, broil til set, add another spoonful, broil and so forth until you have 6-10 layers… Can you see the layers in the picture?

Wait…. shhh…. can you hear that?? Oh, I think that’s the sound of my arteries clogging up! 😉

No, I do not eat this except for special occasions. This one is for the kids.


12 thoughts on “365-78 Bebinca”

  1. We also have this kind of dessert/snack here in Philippines and we call it sapin-sapin (layer-layered). We also have Bebinca (Bibingka in Filipino) but instead of all purpose flour, we use a certain variety of rice(bigas) which is sticky.

    Yours looks very delish.

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