365-103 Get me down!

365-103 Get me down!

Can you see the hint of the pout? He was not happy about being put up on the tree just for a photograph.


5 thoughts on “365-103 Get me down!”

  1. In another year or two you will probably be trying to keep him from climbing the trees! 😉 Wonderful shot – are those some sort of blossoms in the background?

    Thanks so much for sharing that cute little face! I appreciate your participation in ‘Face of the Week’! A real ‘keeper’!!

  2. Good morning, Amanda. Thank you for your visit and your kind words. We can only find our strength in each other as our beloved church goes through this terrible attack and cleansing. And, of course, without fail, Christ is at the center of our strength.

    Sweet picture. My son was just like this. Pose!? No way. He’s 30 now and still like this but definitely more cooperative. His recordkeeping mom was and is relentless.

    Wishing you a good day,

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