365-030 *

365-030 *

I hate snow – not the look of it… it does make everything around look so clean and pure; bathing the bare trees in a kind of beauty that reminds me of what a wonderful world God has created for us. But
I hate driving in it, the ice that makes me slip and slide when I try to walk on my driveway and the dull and dreary and cold weather that often comes with it preventing it from melting for days afterward!

I do not like the disruption in schedules it creates, the mess it creates ( think feet caked in snow traipsing around the house) or the fact that I can’t get to my compost heap because there’s 8 inches of ice in my backyard now.

But my kids love it! There’s been no school last week ( not that they avoid it completely, because mom is always around to make them do extra work), making snow angels ( though how can anybody enjoy getting cold snow down their clothes is beyond me!), playing with it, in it and on it….

So, instead of focusing on the drudgery of the snow, I went out with them and we built this snowman together… My fingers were freezing at the end of it!


8 thoughts on “365-030 *”

  1. Oh, but what a happy looking snowman….and happy kiddos! πŸ™‚ I feel for you my friend. I love to VISIT snow…but I could not handle cold for that long. I was out gardening yesterday, as it is beginning to feel like a cool spring here…it’ll be 74 tomorrow! πŸ™‚ Wanna come down for a glass of lemonade?

  2. What fun memories! I always say I would love to live where it snows, but I must admit that I loved my kiddos playing outside in shorts today since it is so warm here. No wet floors from melted snow.

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