Self Portrait

Hi! I am Amanda. I am a stay at home mom to four boys. My husband works in the IT Industry.

We are a God-centered, family-centered bunch. We do not home school but I take a very active interest in the education of my children. I firmly believe that we are our kids first and main teachers. All our kids are taught their prayers, alphabets, numbers, phonics, basic reading before they start Kindergarten.

My favorite time of year is Christmas time even though my favorite season is Summer. I love anything to do with Christmas. I love putting up my Creche every Christmas. You can see my Nativity scene here and here.

I also dabble in crochet, which I taught myself and knitting.

When I am not helping my kids in their learning, ferrying them to their activities, cooking for them or cleaning, I love to learn about photography. I need to get a few books to read up on. Know any good ones for a beginner?


A sosegad mom in a not-so sosgead world of 4 boys!

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